How It Works

Where do you find these women?
All of the women presented are volunteers, casted through personal connections, social media, local open calls and more.


Are the women told what to say?
No. If anything, I am responsible for all of the silly stuff only that never makes it to the edit. All of these words are their own, some are pre-written before they arrive or they freestyle them in the studio.

Much like the way they are edited, the idea is to make these as accessible, honest and as raw as possible. Sometimes the viewpoints conflict, which is actually the point. The project takes on the tone of whoever participates in it.


How Can I Be Down?
For women in New York City and the surrounding metro area, we have group filming days in New York all the time! If you are not in the area or would rather submit at your own pace, send in your videos and pending a quick review and functional edit (graphics, etc), it will be posted. We want your voice to be heard.

Also, If your organization is interesting in participating by making your own video(s), we’d LOVE that too!

Send an email directly to for further information for all of the above.

In the near future, submissions will be automatic via this website.

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